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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Two Shitake Recipes

#1: Shitake Mushroom, Spinach and Onion Sautee.

Fresh shitake mushrooms need almost no seasoning to taste good. I cut them into small strips and heat up my crepe pan. It's a nice non-stick pan so no oil is even needed. I add spinach, garlic and onion and mix everything until the spinach shrinks and the shitakes look juicy and meaty. I add a dash of salt and pepper and that's all is needed. It goes well with my soy steamed fish.

#2: Shitake Omlette

If I had egg whites I would've used it instead. Again my fresh shitake mushrooms do wonders on just about anything with very little need for seasoning. I heated up the shitake mushrooms on my crepe pan once again. I added some onions, beat 2 eggs and poured it over the sizzling mushrooms. And there I had the freshest tasting omelette in my life.


  1. Hey there,

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  2. Hey Leslie, thanks so much :)

    Where do you work out? I'm going to keep chipping away until my body becomes more efficient.