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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So the results of multiple blood tests in the last few weeks about my liver have not been promising. My AST/ALT levels are high which means they're no longer inside of my liver. Normally these enzymes stay within the cells of the liver - but when the liver is injured for any reason, these enzymes end up in the blood stream.

Luckily, reading online has mentioned that the exact number doesn't actually reflect liver diseases or how badly the liver is functioning. Also luckily, the liver can repair itself.

So I've been banned from drinking alcohol for good. At least until these levels get under control.

How do I feel about this?

Well it's a blessing in disguise. Alcohol does strange things to blood sugar. Alcohol like beer and mixed drinks add unnecessary carbs and sugars into my body. Alcohol takes days to recover from. And it is quite expensive.

That being said - for about 10 years, it's almost natural to drink. At the dinner table back home in Toronto, we'd have beer or wine. Traveling the world, I've enjoyed the best wines of France, Australia, Canada and of course California. I've developed such an appreciation for Napa Cabs, Niagara Ice Wines, Kelowna Chardonnays, France's Burgundy and Champagne. Ah, not to mention the Sake in Japan. I've enjoyed plenty of clubbing nights, birthday parties, karaoke with drinking games. So many pictures, so many memories, so many friendships and memories were made with alcohol as the catalyst. I used to think Patron was the great thing about California.

That being said - enough is enough and I've had my share. The memories I'll cherish forever. I much rather that forever doesn't end tomorrow or next week.

So I haven't had a drop of beer or wine or sake or any alcohol for a month now. I've given away all my hard liqour or watched as it was being consumed at my house. I've participated in drinking games by drinking water and enjoyed watching the others get intoxicated. It's amusing that when you're completely sober and everyone else is not - you can really have some laughs at their expense :)

I can now volunteer to be designated driver so that's always a bonus. I don't really need the alcohol for me to talk to new people or feel less shy or embarass myself :) So I'm not missing much.

However, I hope that one day I will be able to enjoy a glass of wine or sake again. For the next while though, I'm ok with putting an end to this favourite pastime of mine.

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