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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Live - organic food bar.

Hung, my fellow healthy eating partner in crime, took me to this hippy trendy place called live - organic food bar. I was excited to read the menu online since it was all possible low glycemic index compliant and high in whole/all natural/raw foods.

We ordered:

Pecan Tempura Rolls as our appetizer. In the place of the sushi rice, there was a sunflower seed and pecan pate. Instead of deep fried sweet potato, it was dehydrated sweet potato and fresh carrots. I'd say more than 1 or 2 of these rolls is a good portion to not get tired of the bland taste. It was the novelty of the dehydrated sweet potatoes that kept my interest.

The Mish Mash Bowl with Quinoa, grilled tofu, sunflower seed hummus, steamed seasonal vegetables and avocado. I really enjoyed the firm grilled tofu - it looks like chicken and tasted like it too! Quinoa was suggested to me just a few days before as something low on the glycemic index to try - it's a finer/smaller version of couscous. I suppose I could use it as filler sushi rice too. The hummus and the veggies were just so-so. I finished a little more than half my dinner before I couldn't swallow anymore. Unfortunately, I felt like an animal grazing for grass eating this meal. The tofu was good but the rest I could probably make at home for much much less $ and way better taste.

Hung's entree choice was the Bacon Cheeseburger which was a walnut sunflower seed patty, topped with a creamy cashew “mozzarella cheese”, eggplant “bacon”, sundried tomato ketchup, and red onions sandwiched between two crisp lettuce leaves.

He was of the same opinion as me. Perhaps its our inner asian upbringing of salt (fish sauce, soy sauce) in food that we felt this stuff was extremely bland. He liked the eggplant.

All in all, I've never ever been to a whole foods/vegan/vegetarian trendy restaurant for food before so it was an interesting experience nonetheless. But perhaps next time I'd try a place with an asian twist.

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  1. Mediocre at best Thu. Let's keep searching for better dining spots!