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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I only started this blog yesterday and have way more I want to write about but I should space it out. Until now I've talked mainly about food but of course thats just half the weight loss formula.

After getting out of the hospital I was weak and would get tired very easily for the first 2 weeks. Right after I could feel my spirits and energy levels picking up I started doing Wii Fit - only for a few minutes to judge how fatigued I really was.

Wii Fit is great - I'm not sure about other fat/unproportional people but I sure as heck have no balance or core muscles. I can't do any of the activities which forces me to stand on one foot. The yoga, strength training and balance games all focus on the ability to stand completely still and be more aware of your body and balance. Anyways, when I was forced to stay home for a week, thats what I would try doing. Now, I've been trying to use it once a morning for 30 min for stretches, core balance and cardio boxing. It gives me a bit of an energy boost before heading to work. And also kicks off my body to burn off calories for the rest of the day.

My target for going to the gym has been 5 times a week. So far I've probably only been able to go 3 times a week. I started off just running on the elliptical and got tired after a long 13 minute mile. I've pushed it up to 30 min for 2.75 miles today. Other than cardio, I try to do some weights to build muscles in my back, tummy, arms. I could use extra muscle to help me burn off more.

In January, I'm going to go check out my friend's bootcamp. I'm a little scared since I can't even handle the taunting that the Wii Fit board dishes out. But it'll be good to commit to something every week. Also, I've been on a search for a pool. It's been very tough to find an INDOOR pool in the south bay. It seems that they're either outdoors (but heated) or super expensive or dirty and crowded. I'll keep looking after I come back. I suppose that I didn't realize I live in California where it's theoretically sunny for the majority of the months. Indoor pools are definitely not hard to find in Toronto :)

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