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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just the beginning...

A month ago I went to the ER for severe menorrhagia which has set me on a completely different course on how I want to live the rest of my life. In the whirlwind of a few days, I found out that I had anemia, kidney, liver problems. Also I found out my fasting blood sugar was way above normal - almost classified as Diabetes.

This was a great birthday present for a 27 year old to do some reflection on how I got to this moment. For those of you that know me, know that I've lived life to the fullest. Ate everything - and everywhere in the world. Drank everything under the sun. Work hard, party hard. Fumbled and made mistakes but always with a big smile. I lived in a suitcase, had friends in every area code, always up to date on Facebook and always up for showing people a good time at Hotel 2. Things always worked out - I must have used up all 9 lives.

But while the priorities of school, work, friends, and everything externally took up my time - I never focused on taking care of myself. I never had a family doctor, dentist. I never went to the gym. There's a whole list of what I never did. And a whole list of things I took for granted.

I can't even say this hit me out of nowhere. Excessive drinking with friends always ended up in not so pleasant morning afters by the ceramic bowl. Smoking made hiking or walking up stairs tough. Wine and fine dining took a toll on the wallet. Also an eye injury in Japan and a tailbone injury in Tahoe set me into reflection mode but as soon as I recovered - I felt invinceable again.

But this is not about regrets. I don't live life with regrets and I never will. I'm glad about this turning point. And I've thought about writing about this lifestyle change. I plan on using this blog to show my take on how I'm going to lose 50 pounds to get out of the pre-diabetes zone and turn around this game of life.

My love of learning new things will result in a lot of postings on the food I've been making and eating.

I'm not looking for pity or support here. Just an outlet which might provide inspiration to someone else going through a similar situation.


  1. if anyone can do it, it's your thu !! :D

  2. Thanks g2!! I'm flying home this Saturday, so I'll see you next week?? :)

  3. thu, come home!!! after reading your post, i just wanted to give you a huge hug!!

  4. Hope the plan pulls through! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  5. Looking forward to your blog updates Thu! Good luck on an endeavor about what matters the most, your health.

  6. Hi Thu! I started reading your blog yesterday and it's great! I'll have to try some of your recipes sometime...keep up the good work! :)