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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I tried my hardest to keep my calories consumed low today since I didn't make it to the gym. Boy is it hard to do on Xmas Eve. I did fairly well but probably still took in more than previous days.

Morning Dim Sum with Jen&Jon - I ate at most one piece per order. Drank lots of tea and talked lots to stop me from stuffing my face of oil, fat, carbs :) Now that they've moved to the UK, it'll be tougher to hang out. I was reminded today how smoking leads to lung cancer, death and grief. I wonder what the f*** went on in my brain for the past 10 years - because I obviously was not thinking straight. We're only human.

An hour later, it was a lunch of Sushi Bong with Scott and Viv. Ah, the best value for sushi in Toronto. I got the assorted "small" sashimi which was 40 pieces and passed on the legendary soft shell crab, spicy tuna and rock n roll. We surely have grown up over the years - from clubbing and climbing the ladder to new home, wedding and cooking :)

Dinner served at home was Bun Bo Hue, Nem, and Roast Pork. I pretended to be oblivious and blind to my grandma's cooking as I didn't wanna down rice noodles with pig's feet, tendons, fat. In addition to that, there were two rounds of dinner, wine, and cake. I marvel at how, in previous years, I would've gobbled it all down without a thought and probably gain 2000 calories in one sitting. That can't be good for anybody else, but I find that like religion, diets are a personal choice that can't be preached. There are different anecdotes, methodology, theories, literature written on both topics which instill different reactions and opinions in people.

I digress.

Instead for my xmas eve dinner I had a salad with tomatoes and onions with a half portion lean cut of the roast pork. With clementines as dessert. It was tasty.

After gifts were exchanged and Rock Band 2 played - I snuck out as soon as I could to see my Toronto friends at bubble tea. Luckily they were still waiting for a big table when we got there - 15 of us. Obviously I couldn't have the beer stein of bubble tea aka sugar water with sugar balls. I chose a white plum herbal tea and didn't even look twice as the brick toast or ramen others ordered. Well maybe I did but only briefly - reminding myself that it'll all be worth it in the future.

The gym is closed Dec 25 but I'll be back at it on Dec 26! I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and the best health for 2009.

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