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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Asparagus Spinach Pesto with Brown Rice Spaghetti

I just made this and am so excited with the results that I had to share it. It's not often that I post 8 times in a day! Hopefully that makes up for the 2 week break.

I took the Asparagus Puree from Heidi Swanson's book. First thing I did was I blanched the asparagus. Ah what is blanching? Yes, I've only heard this this term recently in my adventures of cooking vegetables. Blanching is bringing water to a boil, add salt, put the vegetables in for about 2-3 min - enough time to turn its colour but not enough time to soften the vegetable. In the case of asparagus you can see that it turns greener but it's still firm and not limp. Take it out and shower it with cold water.

Ok in the food processor, add the asparagus, garlic, spinach. Also add some lemon and olive oil. Then I hand grated some parmesan cheese (From Italy!) - the recipe calls for a cup, I think I put in half a cup. The recipe also called for pine nuts but I didn't have any. Anyway, puree it until its a nice and creamy paste. Added a bit more olive oil when I transfered it to a plastic container for storage for the rest of the week.

I had bought some brown rice spaghetti last night from Trader Joes. It took a while longer to cook than other pastas. But boy the texture and taste was soooo goood. As the side dish for the pasta I sauteed some minced garlic, yellow and orange bell peppers, mushrooms and green onions. Then I mixed in the pesto and the pasta. I garnished with some cherry tomatoes and cucumber. And grated some more parmesan cheese. Shoot. Definitely the best pasta to come out of my kitchen. I'm willing myself not to go for seconds right now.

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