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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Merit Vegetarian Restaurant

Can you believe I've been to this restaurant 3 times in the last week? Merit is my new favourite restaurant!

I have been looking for a vegetarian place on yelp around my area and this one had good reviews and is very close to work. Friday, I had fake fish which was essentially tofu wrapped in seaweed topped with ginger fish sauce. It was sooo good. Sunday, when my friend visited and lost to me in a weight challenge, I took him here. I had the Vietnamese hot and sour hot pot soup which was so yummy (pictured here).

Today I didn't pack lunch so we headed there and I got the Vietnamese crepe. Next time will definitely be the Vegetarian Pho.

It's nice inside, affordable and there's never been a lineup yet. I guess there's not that many Vietnamese Vegetarians in the area :) I'm definitely impressed with this place.

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