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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Healthy travels?

I'm torn. Having a healthy routine and lifestyle has been the goal of 2009 and beyond. However, I also love the excitement of the random life of living every minute to its fullest, in a new place, trying new foods, making new friends or catching up with old, and learning new things. Why is it the year I decide to change my life around, I've flown to 7 cities and 4 countries in 3 months?

What a long winded justification for my week of unhealthy behavior! Did I mention that I LOVE the food here? I just had Schezuan food for lunch which included some American favourites such as Kung Pao chicken. Except it tasted SOOO good and I couldn't recognize it as that until they told me. I have no idea what I've been eating - I can describe it as hot pot or rice + stuff or appetizers of crunchy stuff. Oh and meat. Laser keeps pointing out turtles and random things like lamb pen!s on the menu. We haven't braved into that stuff yet but since I can't read, I can't order anything anyways.

I've slept in spurts of 2-3 hours, waking up to sync up with the mother ship. Also living inside of a "conference room" which looks pretty much like a storage room has been a grueling 12+ hours a day.

Maybe I should consider a different line of work that doesn't take me to exciting new countries I've never been. Maybe I love this job more than I realize though I just need to exert some boundaries of where it ends and where my life starts.

At least I'm more aware of how badly I treat my body when I eat with my eyes. As long as I make it to the gym everyday and do a 10km on the great wall this weekend that should make up for it right?

Anybody have any recommedations of what I should do if I had the weekend here? I've narrowed it down to these things:
- Olympics - Birds Nest and Cube
- Tiananmen Square
- Great Wall of China
- Temple of Heaven
- Forbidden City

Sorry for the lack of pictures. At times where I have way too much equipment to lug around, I'm less ambitious to bring my camera.


  1. Definitely the Forbidden City and since Tienanmen Square and Temple of Heaven are nearby, you can combine it all in one visit. The Olympics sites are doable as a drive by if you're short on time and if you are living in the city centre, you will probably drive past it on your way to the Great Wall (I think).

    Sounds like you're having a lot of fun! My mouth is watering just reading your post about the food. :)

  2. Thanks Gloria! I'll keep that in mind if I do end up staying here for the weekend.

    Oh man I had the best Beijing Duck today I've ever had in my life! Quanjude is apparently the most famous place here its open since 1864. And I had duck #110009 since then and have a certificate to prove it :)

  3. mmm...Beijing Duck! You should post a pic of the certificate on your blog :p