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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Menara Moroccan Restaurant

Two weeks ago we headed to Menara Moroccan restaurant for G-Lady's birthday. I've never had Moroccan cuisine or knew what to expect for the belly dancing entertainment. It was such a great time!! First, you're seating on comfy couches along the sides of the restaurant. The dancer had amazing energy and amazing stomach muscles! She danced for at least 45 min.

The food was a set course, family style. Everyone in your group has to agree on the same set course. However there's an exception for vegetarians! So I got the Vegetarian courses. Before eating, they make you wash your hands together at the table.

Gosh, the food was so good. The first course was the moroccan salad which included this tomato mixture (like salsa). It was awkward eating with just with our fingers and because we weren't managing that well, we opted for forks.

They had forgotten my vegetarian order so the next course was a chicken pastry pie. Cinnamon and chicken on a puff pastry, a strange combo but oh so good. (It's pictured above). The next course they finally remembered the vegetarian meal so I got some chick peas and potatoes while the others had a curry chicken ( I can't imagine them eating that with their bare hands!). Then the next meal for me was another vegetable dish while they got lamb. The end was couscous and chick peas and other veggies which was delicious! I'd like to try to make this!

To wrap it up we had the famous Moroccan mint tea and something that looked like baklava.

I highly recommend this place as a fun group outing and for its delicious healthy and tasty food.

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