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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear Pho

Gosh, watching this youtube video makes me miss the little stalls of Pho I used to have in the mornings while living in HCMC. Even on weeknights, I'd get takeout pho to enjoy from the "original" Pho Hoa in NKKN district. Plus who can forget my grandma's pho - seeing the huge pot boiling for 24 hours, seeing all the condiments and ingredients spread out all day in anticipation for dinner. Ah, Pho you've given me such good memories. Remember the 3am XL #1 bowls at Pho Train Head in Torotno? Ah and the joys of Kingsway in Vancouver and Pho Van? Ah even more recent memories, you've taken me to Milpitas, San Jose, Sunnyvale where you're all over the place. But nothing beats the chicken version of you at Pho Kim Long. Or the 3am version of you at City Restaurant.

Oh giant bowl of carbs and meat how I miss you. Times were good with you but all good things do have to come to an end :( Sadly I have to bid farewell to you until I set foot back in Vietnam.

As a side note, it's awesome making breakfast, lunch and dinner for a whole week. I lost 2 lbs this week alone and dropping faster than I expected. I get comments about my dorky lunch box everyday but its so worth it. Oh and now I have a new workout rogram: P90x! It is actually a pretty jam packed hour a day of work outs that I started this week. I've been sore every single day discovering new muscles I never knew I had.

Plan for the weekend: boot camp, full moon snow shoeing and snowtubing! I can't wait!


  1. I broke my silence at Pho Train Head last week. It was a momentous occasion, but sadly the pho didn't live up to expectations...

    Oh, what I wouldn't give for a nice bowl from Pho Van in the Vancouver. Sigh..


  2. Phoooooo.....damn...

    Actually I found a pho restaurant in China. (Imagine that!) It was owned by a French-vietnamese. The bowls had a petit chic flavour to them. haha

    But I still miss the nasties at Train Head.