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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Post #100: Thank you World :)

Google Analytics actually gives me a good idea of where my friends are in the world :) In all of 31 countries!

I can't believe it's already been 5 months since my attempt at starting a new lifestyle.

Thanks for all your support so far.
Thanks for all the kind words and feedback.
Thanks for going out to the farmers market and buying vegetables like Kale and Leeks.
Thanks for sending me useful recipes and articles.
Thanks for your generous donations to the Tour De Cure.
Thanks for sharing your own experiences with weight loss and battling diabetes.
Thanks for suggestions of local hiking and biking trails.
Thanks for cooking and trying out new recipes with me.
Thanks for volunteering to eat my (very) experimental cooking which isn't always edible.
Thanks for not minding the brown rice or lack of meat or trying new vegetarian restaurants with me.
Thanks for reminding me that I'll never be Vegetarian while eating yogurt or cesar salads or fish or meat.
Thanks for going hiking or biking or bootcamp or the gym with me.
Thanks for participating in a weight challenge and volunteering to treat me to a nice yummy dinner when I win.
Thanks for wanting to go to Half Dome or Machu Picchu.
and finally...Thanks for reading!!

I am truly grateful and will say that this blog has and will continue to help set me on the right healthy path for life.

I haven't put hard dates to any of my goals so far. But here's the goal of the year: Since my first posting was on my birthday when I was at my unhealthiest, I target that my birthday in 2009 will be when Thu loses 50lbs.

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