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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Los Gatos Creek Trail

You know, I love Youtube!! Instead of taking my bike into the shop because I know next to nothing about bikes, I looked up how to adjust my front and rear derailleur and sure enough, theres a ton of helpful videos. Now I know how my gears work and what those cables from the gear shifters actually do. And what the lil + and - screws are. Finally I can use all my gears!

So off I went to Campbell Park.
Of course I'm directionally challenged, even with a GPS watch. I picked one way to go, thinking it goes to Los Gatos, but of course it goes to South San Jose - which is fine since the trail wasn't going to be 25 miles round trip. When it ended in the Willow Glen community, I turned around and went through some nice parks, lakes, dams, and through Los Gatos. After that it's no longer paved or flat and the hills are just ridiculous. I went as far as my legs could take me. But once I saw the gigantic hill at the Lexington Reservoir, I was about done :) The ride back was nice and down hill for the most part and was much much quicker. So with the detour to Willow Glen twice, the ride was 25 Miles in ~3 hours with about 4 snack/rest stops. It was definitely a nice light no elevation trail.

Next week I'll do Sawyer Camp!

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