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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brown Rice Penne with Fire House Cheddar (aka Gourmet Mac N Cheese)

My goal as the end of the week rolls around is always to clear my fridge, so I made this up on the spot.

Started with some cut up chard and a cut up sweet red onion I had got from the farmers market last week in a pan with olive oil. Then added some green peppers and garlic. Found some left over tomato sauce (not much, just maybe half a cup) so I poured that in. Then heated up some brown rice penne from TJ. While waiting for the pasta, I found some awesome cheese I had bought last week (Fire House Cheddar) and Mozzerella. I started grating and decided to grate the entire half block of cheese I had left. I added it to my mix of vegetables and added in the penne. The more cheese I added, the more I realize this is probably how someone makes Mac N Cheese!

The fire house cheddar is super spicy already, I even added some pepper flakes. This is definitely the best Mac N Cheese I've ever eaten! Forget the calories for a day :)

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