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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fennel Dandelion Spinach Salad

So this is an experiment gone wrong. Hmm, I think my experimentations for vegetables this week have not been so good but at least it's a learning experience.

Fennel at first smell and taste (I've never seen it before in my life) is like licorice. Texture like celery. Hmm I don't like licorice or celery. I think most fennel dishes are soups or broths since its so strong. Anyway I found that one of Alice Waters' recipe was to saute it with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper - just like bok choy - to brown it. However the layers were still too thick and it tasted like licorice. Anyway to save the dish I added some green garlic, dandelion, spinach, basil and thyme. Those tasted infinitely better! So really, don't follow this recipe :)

Also, I pan fried some extra firm tofu with garlic then added some garlic spicy sauce and green onion. And had everything with my favourite rice mixture.

Today for lunch, I happened to be at home so I combined some egg white + left over tofu + dandelion. Added in my left over 7 grains of rice to make the healthiest fried rice I've ever eaten in my life. I have no idea why I ever want to eat out again.


  1. Not sure if you're willing to give fennel another try but I like to eat it shaved really thinly and tossed with some orange slices in a tangy vinaigrette with some orange juice, vinegar, mustard, and olive oil. The thinner the slices the better b/c then the licorice taste is not as overwhelming!

  2. haha Thanks Gloria I still have Fennel so sure I'll make your salad idea it sounds really good!!! :)

  3. Good luck - hope it goes well! :)