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Monday, April 27, 2009

Matzo Pancakes

I've decided to treat my $500 loss of a bike as a weekend vacation in SF, where if I didn't have the luxury of the lovesack, the delicious food and kitchen there at the Palms, I would definitely have spent that much.

So let's talk about food instead! This weekend of food was yummmy! Mario introduced me to Matzo. I've heard about unleavened bread in the bible but was never sure people actually ate this for Passover. So first, I had it with my omlette with shitake mushrooms and tomatos.

Then he crushed some Matzo and poured hot water on it to soften them. Then he mixed in some eggs. Then fried them in patty shaped portions. I wasn't sure what to expect until I had some. Yummmy!! I had never eaten anything like it before. Then I found out it goes well with condensed milk...mmmm saturated fat and sugar. mmmm why do you taste so good :)

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