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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Biking in SF

After talking about it for what seems like months now, we finally went on a bike ride from SOMA across the golden gate bridge today and back. 19.9 miles! There's always been some excuse - waking up too late, rainy, windy, cloudy but we finally went !! It was a beautiful day in SF and for the 2.75 years I've been in the Bay Area, it's the first time I took this ride. Needless to say it was BEAUTIFUL after ditching the crowds from Fisherman's Wharf across to Fort Mason, Crissy Fields then finally Golden Gate bridge. Unfortunately I brought a camera without an SD card which essentially made it a paper weight so pictures are from Lobster/Karena's phone instead.

We stopped by Fort Mason at Green's. I've been meaning to check this place out since yelp seems to rave about it. The annoying part was the restaurant was completely empty and they told us it'd be a 20-30 min wait. When I took a walk to the restroom, there were at least 10 empty tables. Anyway, we had Greens-to-go instead. Instantly when the Goat Cheese sandwich with Watercress out in the sun at Fort Mason, I was a happy camper. I'd like to go back to try to sit in meal sometime.

I totally recommend this bike ride (4th&King along the waterfront across the Golden Gate bridge and back). We didn't end up making it in Sausalito but there'll definitely be a next time where I actually bring an SD card to take pictures.

I'm a little worried about my bike's gears - I need to get it tuned up this week. I basically can't get into the high or the low gears. Some of the hill climbs on the way to the bridge was tough, I had to get off and walk sometimes :( The way back was such a breeze. I just really hope that the Napa Tour De Cure course is reasonably not hilly - I've convinced myself I can do 20 miles and still feel my butt, arms and legs. I'll do a 25 mile ride next week.

Update: Doesn't seem like the trail will be too hilly:

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