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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bye Bike :(

I've been lucky so far that I'd never got my car towed or stolen or any other method of transportation. Until today. I mean, I am fully aware that I had the Napa bike ride NEXT week and was going to go for a short bike ride today to prepare.

We figured that biking to the Farmers market is much faster than the 30 min walk there, so me and Kat went. We parked the bikes in the corner of Mission and Embarcadero a little before the crowds of the Farmers Market. There were about 6 other bikes there when we locked up our bikes. I gave it a tug to make sure the bikes were locked and joked about how it'd be funny if the bikes were to disappear since I had my race next week.

Sure enough, an hour later and after a yummy smoked salmon sandwich lunch and buying vegetables and fruits, we walk to our bikes...but ITS GONE. Not only are OUR bikes gone, but there are no bikes there at all except for one. We walked around the building, dazed and confused. And yeah, sure enough it was gone.

Goodbye new tires, tubes, bike pump, comfy seat I had *just* put on the bike in the past few months and the practice rides and adjustments I've done to get it ready for next week. I shall refrain from using inappropriate words to express my frustration and confusion and instead replace it with symbols: (*#$&)(*&!@#(*!&@$(*%&$^!(*!!!!!!

If anybody sees a white/red Trek bike in Bay Area Craigslist this week let me know. I guess the positive thing is I can get a new nice bike.

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