Current Progress

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Now that vacations are over and I'm back in the bay, it's time to get into a good routine for cooking and working out. To prepare, I've ordered 3 cookbooks:I've also went on a shopping spree at Target (Blender, Food Processor) and at World Markets for nice plates, bowls and utensils to make my pictures of meals look even better! (Everything was 50% off at World Markets, so check it out!!) I've never had a blender but it's a $15 well spent!! Goodbye Jamba Juice, thuSmooth(ies) are waaay better! I recommend getting the frozen strawberries and mangos at Trader Joes. They're perfect for making tasty icy smoothies.

I use this to map out jogging routes in my neighborhood and mapped out at 1.5 mile and a 3.5 mile run to try out.

Also, I really like the pool in Sunnyvale I tried out this morning.

Luckily I have a gym at work where I'm spending at least 1 hour everyday (4-5pm) to do weights and elliptical.

I haven't set in stone which activities in which day - but we'll see how it goes.

I've shared my tracking spreadsheets here just for accountability :)


  1. Nice! I use my blender at least once a day but I did splurge on an industrial strength one so i can get super smooth smoothies/soup.

    Try throwing in some veges in your morning blends, you won't even know it's there and its a great way to lower the GI. ;)

  2. Hey Thu!! This site is amazing! Another good smoothie blend tip is if you peel bananas, saran wrap them and stick them in the freezer and use instead of ice and milk. Your recipes sound yummy too and veg friendly! :) Keep it up!!

  3. Ailsa, thanks so much for the suggestion! I tried out the frozen bananas and strawberries today. soooo goood. Except I didn't read your instructions carefully and stuck bananas in the freezer in without peeling them first. doh.