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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Where to begin, 2009 has been great so far! After the delicious steak dinner at Ben and Jack's, we tried to head into Time Square to bring in the New Year - except the Police had blocked every street leading into Time Square. Crap! Apparently to get in, you had to show up in the early afternoon. At 11, we made a decision while almost reaching 59th St that we really weren't going to see Hilary Clinton. So we hopped in a cab and headed to The Park. No lineup, decently packed and $25 with a free drink. To my surprise, as we walked in, we saw Jia Fu! It happened that we all knew each other from San Diego. What a coincidence. So we brought in the new year (sans countdown) with his friends (and got my 20000 steps a day!)

Joe and I barely made it to the bus terminal the next day to take the megabus to Boston. Our round trip between NYC/Boston only came out to be $18/person on a clean bus. Not a bad deal. When we arrived in Boston, (#@&*!! it was so bone chilling bitterly cold. We spent 3 days touring MIT, downtown Boston's Freedom Trail and Harvard. Aside from packing along fruits, going to the gym at the Sheraton and getting my average of 20,000 steps a day - I didn't do anything else healthy :| I'm referring to the food I consumed - it was oh so tasty but I did break the no simple carbs rule multiple times.

1) Legal Seafood - oysters, lobster, clam chowder (The PEI oysters were delicious - The clams and mussels were DISGUSTING and full of sand.)
2) Starbucks oatmeal breakfast
3) SamraatTandoori Naan, Basmatic rice with spinach/chicken
4) Pomodoro - Antipasto appetizer and a seafood linguine (LOVED the food and decor here)
5) Leo's Place - egg white omlette and salad (soo good)
6) TeaLuxe - great selection of teas.
7) Shabu-Ya - tasty shabu shabu without the rice of course.

Pictures to come.

So, my 5 day trip in NYC/Boston resulted in over 100,000 steps on my pedometer!!! (And hopefully not an equal amount of calories!)

Currently, I'm waiting to go to the airport and finally go home to Santa Clara where I can get back to a somewhat normal healthy routine...until Vegas next weekend :|

Happy 2009!

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