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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to Reality

So I've been on the ground for one whole week and the rest of the coming week too which is a nice change from visiting airports and changing timezones. I'm trying to feel out what sort of routine I can realistically fit into my schedule. Coincidentally, I'm back into the full swing of busy work life again which means longer hours, less time for my master plan of exercising twice a day and cooking everyday.

This week I managed to hit the gym twice for some cardio and swim twice. I don't know when I can squeeze in weight training. I'm also checking out bootcamp this weekend and beach volleyball in Santa Cruz. The end result is that I have to wake up at 6am and sleep like a baby by now.

I managed to find some time to buy some groceries and still take my time to make breakfast in the morning. Lunch is definitely at work. I bring snacks of carrots and pistachios and peanuts. And I've only cooked dinner once this week - French Onion soup for the first time! I'm making it again tomorrow night so I'll describe it then. It's so simple and yet so tasty. Other dinners have been salad (at work and at an Italian restaurant).

It still gets some getting used to and figuring out what my priorities should be. I can say I'm feeling much more awake, alert, clear headed and happy. Hopefully it all won't be too overwhelming!

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