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Friday, January 9, 2009

Community Supported Agriculture

The first thing that came to my head about CSA is the Chinese Student Association, like in school - however thats not what it stands for. CSA is a club or way that local farms directly deliver their fresh, organic crops to city dwellers close by.

It's like shopping at the farmers market except it gets delivered to a dropoff location close to you weekly or biweekly. The best part is you know exactly which farm it came from and everything you're getting is in season and ripe and not picked early to sit for weeks in the grocery store. Nor has it been riding in random trucks or trains or planes to get into your tummy. Once you're part of a CSA club, you can also visit the farm to see where exactly the food you consume is grown.

I'm mostly interested in the variety of vegetables and fruits that I'd normally not pick up because I have no idea what it is or how to cook it. This will allow me to find new recipes and whip up some great meals. Some clubs even publish newsletters with suggested recipes. Also, the prices seem pretty reasonable especially for organic food and minimal fuel to get the food.

I'll be splitting this with a friend and will start as soon as possible!! I can't wait!!

Here are some that we found:
  • Eatwell Farm
  • Two Small Farms
  • Live Earth Farm
  • Terra Firma Farm

    It's funny how things work out - I had only found out about CSA through a book last week. I also used to give people a hard time when they refused to eat meat. Now I fully embrace this new exciting lifestyle.

    Oh...If you're part of a CSA, tell me what you think.
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