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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Intense Saturday

My day started at 6:30am to get ready for my first bootcamp session with JJ at Glen Park at 7:30am. I have never gone to boot camp and had no idea what to expect. It turned out to be an amazing but challenging experience! I met a really good group of supportive people. Also JJ was such a good motivator. He was starting me off slow, modifying the exercises and drills. I think I'm going to look forward to every Saturday morning for the next while!

We finished at 9 and I decided to wake up my SF friends to go play tennis, as if I could still use my arms and legs. Chris took us to basketball/tennis courts by Lombard which overlooked the golden gate bridge and all of SF. It was BEAUTIFUL - the weather and the view. So after an hour of that, we ended up doing stretches and yoga poses.

After heading back, they came up with a bright idea to walk to get food. We walked along embarcadero for about a mile or two to my favourite Cross Roads cafe. It was great to see the sun out and so many people. After finishing off an ahi tuna salad, we headed over to the farmers market to wander.

I'm so excited about the CSA we signed up for. They had a stand at the market and had some really awesome looking fruits and vegetables. We're getting our first delivery next week and I can't wait. We even stopped to get a snack of 2 oysters at the Hog Island stand. Yumm!

Of course we had to walk all the way back the way we came.

I rewarded myself by getting some fresh salmon and scallops and wakame from the Japanese grocery store on the way home. I also made some Soba noodles, fried tofu to go along with my feast. Yummy.

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