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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Una semana en España

Only a day left in Spain. I really enjoyed it. Everyone is dressed up in really nice suits. The food was ridiculously good. The architecture is amazing. The mens restroom always has a long line of europeans while there's no lineup on the womens side! Ah...being a female engineer in Spain seems to have its perks ;)

I will probably lose all followers of this blog if you found out all the things that I did this week here. I broke every rule I set for myself in the last while when it comes to food, drinks and self control.

I hope I get back on the wagon when I get back to California. I also realized that maybe my rules are too limiting. I inherently LOVE trying new tasty food, great tasting wine, the buzz you get around great company. I also LOVE to be alive to experience life. The two aren't mutually exclusive so I'll figure out a way.

I did hit the gym twice! And only drank 2 nights. And ate proscuitto twice. All the other meals have been plants + seafood + water. And some dessert. Ok maybe too many desserts.

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  1. I've always believed that on vacation there are no rules... gotz to live... but of course in healthy portions!!