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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Simple Joys.

I'm very easily amused as I look back on teh weekend.

- After getting multiple comments that my pants are too big, I went shopping today and dropped 2 sizes down in pants. Got excited and bought 2 pairs!

- In the 3 hours (~4 miles) of hiking in Point Lobos on Saturday I never felt exhausted or out of breath. Rewind to two years ago, 5 min of walking would leave me breathless. Maybe it was because I took 250 photos in the process too.

- We hit up my favourite Phil's Fish Market on the way back and I even refrained from ordering every animal under the sea and stuffing my face. It was oh so good. (If you're in the Monterey area, I highly recommend this over other tourist traps. The Ciopinno is so tasty and now featured on Bobby Flay's Throw Down!)

- On Friday it was great to see all of my friends show up for a surprise party for my old roommate. Seeing his destruction through drinking games and sake bombs was amusing but made me cringe at the thoughts of how they'd all feel in the morning. I also had a ton of fun being the only sober one.

Anyway, the weekend reminded me that I've changed...just a little bit.

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