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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Farm Delivery #1

So I just got my first shipment of fresh vegetables and fruits from the farm!!

First - the things I recognized :) Clementines and Kiwis! Lettuce and Spinach and Leeks.

Then the things I don't recognize:
- Red Mustard Greens
- Watermelon Daikon Radish
- Rutubagas (turnip)
- Italian Flat leaf parsley
- Arugala

I've made an omlette and salad so far with a mix of the greens. I had the clementines on the hike to point lobos yesterday and they were delicious too.

Now how do I cook this stuff? :)
Above is my salad for lunch: smoked wild salmon, walnuts, arugala, red mustard, watermelon radish, parsley and some spinach. The dressing is just some balsamic vinegar and grapeseed oil.


  1. Love love love rutabaga! They go great in soups, chopped up in stirfry or baked in a nice vege casserole!

    Spinach pretty much goes in everything, LOL. And read heidi's blog for a great recipe of green beans and leeks. I like using leeks in soup as well, or in casseroles. be creative!

    btw, which farm outfit did u end up going with?

  2. Thanks Jo!!! We decided to go with and I'm really happy so far :)

  3. How did you keep everything on the plate while you were eating??

  4. it doesn't sit on the plate for very long after the picture is taken :) It all conveniently gets organized in my tummy.