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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stevens Creek Trail

I've lived in the bay area for 2.5 years now and still feel like I'm experiencing it for the first time. Today I took my bike out to follow the Steven's Creek Trail. It's something I've always wanted to do but never actually did.

It's such a nice trail with lots of trees and wetlands wildlife. I smiled when seeing dozens of canadian geese there hibernating for the winter. I roughly mapped it out to be about 13 miles - 2 hours. Man I'm slow. I also realized that I have no sense of direction since I headed in the wrong direction about 4 times.

I'll try this trail again in a few weeks and pick up the pace a little. I'll also have my new toy by then.

Overall it's been an awesome sunny weekend! I'm guessing none of the snowboarders and skiiers will join me in celebrating the end of winter in the bay! But I sure am glad Winter is over in the bay. (Sorry to rub it in to all the Canadian folks :)

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