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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nguyen-Nguyen Weekend

In celebrating of a NGUYEN-ing (yes WINNING) weekend I was able to check off some restaurants from my Thu-Eat list.

Toshi Sushi is an amazingly fresh and delicious as well as easy on the wallet! I've checked yelp and dinehere enough to know that I should expect a long lineup. There were 5 of us, started waiting at 6pm and sat at 7:30pm. But honestly it was worth the wait!! The Uni was really fresh. The horse mackerel was delicious. Sockeye salmon and tuna sashimi were so good too. With drinks and everyone full the bill was about $20/each which is well worth it.

Coincidentally, Taste of Yaletown started this weekend as well. There's been one restaurant that I've been dying to try. Glowbal happened to have a $35 menu and a table open at 7:30pm so off we went. We started off with a bottle of red wine which turned into 4 bottles - the house Merlot was pretty good and reasonably priced. What a great meal!!!! I was impressed from appetizer to dessert.

Appetizer: Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio with crispy potato, roast garlic and truffle salad
Wow - the beef was so tender, soft and melt in my mouth. the roasted garlic had a texture i've never tasted before.

2nd appetizer: Seven spice ahi tuna
They have these small apps for $2-3 so we all tried one. I couldn't tell the difference between this ahi tuna and others I've had in the past though. The others got a kobe beef meatball and a short rib where were also delicious.

I chose the Citrus and Fennel Dusted Queen Charlotte Halibut
Baby arugala salad, parmesan risotto and blood orange reduction
for my main. The risotto was really creamy but it went well with the Halibut. The others chose the Lamb which was amazingly tender and full of flavour.

The dessert came out in a little hot skillet which was a good wrap to a good meal. I really enjoyed the quality of the food at Glowbal, the staff was super friendly too. I'd definitely come back here.

We also went to Afterglow, the lounge attached to Glowbal. Chad Kroeger from Nickelback was there along with his friends. I guess I've never been in a small lounge with someone famous before. The thing I noticed the most was everyone's hair was so perfectly dyed and styled. Other than that they seem like normal people having a good time.

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