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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hot Yoga

Alright - the free exercise route is not working for me. I have a seawall right outside which I've yet to run on in months and biked as many times as fingers on my hands all summer. I have the complete P90X videos and open one up once a week at most.

Paying for something makes you more accountable. I really enjoy it when someone tells me what to do and corrects my form - I completely miss JJ from SF Hills and Drills bootcamp !

Anyway, a friend just moved into Yaletown and suggested that we hit up Hot Yoga last night! I've only done P90X Yoga and Wii Yoga and have never been to a class before! Luckily they have a 2 weeks for $30 special that I signed up for. Bikram Yoga as I understand it is usually 1.5 hours where you go through 26 poses a super hot room. This class was 1 hour and the temperature was about 40 degrees and the 2nd time is modified a little so every pose is not exactly repeated.

The teacher was awesome, giving me a lot of tips and feedback since I was the newbie in the class. I look around and everyone's got really really toned bodies. I was surprised that I could do 90% of it and keep up. Some of the times I had to drink water and lie down. Ah yes, as a newbie, I didn't bring a water bottle and had to borrow my friend's - if you go, do remember water!! Since heat rises, the only way to cool down is lie flat on the ground.

I thought the hour was never going to end - I have no idea how I'll last the regular 90 min class in this hot room. In the end, as soon as she opened the windows which let cool air in, it felt so good.

I slept like a baby last night! My body felt like jello today, every joint was vibrating and sore all day long. I went swimming to distract the soreness today.

But yeah tomorrow I can't wait to do hot yoga again!!

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