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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Now that my office is located 15 seconds away from my kitchen its a dream come true to be able to control what I eat during the week. Now that I have access to Costco again, the first order of business was to get my frozen falafel balls, stock up on pita bread and a big box of edamame. Aside from freezing strawberries and bananas you won't find anything else in my freezer except these things :)

Pitas are useful to make wraps for my falafel! And also baked as I mentioned in a previous post to dip with hummus. Here's a sample lunch from yesterday - spinach salad with cilantro (from my herb garden), cucumber, tomato and two falafel balls. Topped with a little italian dressing.

Oh can't forget the fruit! I've found that the cheapest place for all my veggies and fruits is Kin's Farm Market. I'm having at least one grapefruit or orange or pear a day along with my smoothies in the morning.

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