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Friday, October 16, 2009

Be Lucky - it's an easy skill to learn

Really liked this article that B found. It's pretty inspirational at how an attitude change really affects your luck.

In the university years, I was always fascinated with the good luck I always had. Not studying still meant riding the bell curve. Co-op jobs that took me to Vietnam and California which meant a new place, new experience every week. Singapore was filled with travels all over Asia and a certain doom of failing the term except we were let off from writing exams because of Saars and sent back home! Everything just lined up one after the other and things just worked out. My friend would always call it a mojo that I had. We didn't know what it was but whatever it was I loved it.

Then as I got lost after graduating, all this bad stuff started happening - like accidents, hospitals, friends passing away, getting dumped, burning out, etc. It was an endless cycle of self destruction and bad luck and I'd always blame the same friend for stealing my mojo - since his days at Haas were filled with random luck and really great opportunities.

Anyway, after a slow and painful attitude adjustment, I'm getting my mojo back :) This article explains what mojo actually is and it really is an easy skill to learn to reap the benefits.

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