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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Margherita Pizza Night



A few weeks ago we had a roommates pizza night. We actually made the dough from scratch which is something new to me!

I followed this recipe/video for the dough and it was delicious! The only complaint about the recipe is that they gave it in ml and g instead of tablespoons/cups so I had to keep my computer by the kitchen to look up google conversions. Garlic was added which was the only difference from their recipe.

After letting the dough sit with a towel on top for 2 hours, we were ready to roll out 3 pizzas. I had bought basil, fresh tomatoes and the sweetest onion in the world from the farmers market outside my place. We also got fresh mozzarella cheese.

So we sandwiched a slice of cheese, slice of tomato and basil leaf and distributed this around the pizza. Drizzled olive oil on top and more chopped up basil leaf. That was it. 20 min in the oven at 350.

For the other two pizzas, we experimented with the sweet onions, garlic greens, pepperoni and mushrooms.

Seriously, the best (freshest) margherita pizza I've ever had. I like the no tomato sauce and very little cheese - I think we could've put a little more tomatoes and basil though.

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