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Friday, May 1, 2009


Ah, Berkeley and good food come hand in hand. It's no exception especially when you get to eat good food and meet up with some close friends and see how far we've all come. It's funny how things work out - we all came from the same university, lived a few minutes away from each other in Tee Dot, together we've traveled the world, ate and drank all throughout the world, done well doing whatever we do and still trying to continuously self improve and take over the world. And yes, somehow through various random unfolding of events, we're all in the bay area at the same time and having the time of our lives.

I splurged on dinner tonight and got the tasting menu.
  • Beets with goat cheese
  • Artichoke hearts, citrus, red onion, mint
  • Grilled sardine, guindilla vinaigrette, olive toast
  • Tagliolini with goat cheese pesto
  • Baked poblano chile with summer squash, mushroom, chèvre

To be frank, my pesto tastes waaay better. :) I thought the hearts was bland but the orange and onion saved the day. The olive toast was delicious but the sardine was too fishy. The chile with cheesy sauce was too cheesy.

The pork chops that they're famous for - looked really good. And so did the duck! So I'd probably recommend this restaurant to the meat eaters out there. For vegetarians who want to spend $50 - I can think of way better places to go.

Food aside, its so great to spend quality time with such good friends. I'm excited to see how the next chapter plays out for all of us!!!

Which city do you think we'll sit down and have dinner in 2 years from now?

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