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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goal #5: Stop being Pre-Diabetic.

What a great great day in the life of 2. I had a blood test a few weeks ago and got my results today.

GUESS WHAT!!!! I am NOT Pre-Diabetic anymore!!!!

Yup that's right, my fasting blood sugar is in the normal range! It means my body is working to break down glucose again! My cholesterol is back to normal. My liver is back to normal. My kidney is back to normal. My good cholesterol is still a little low so I need to keep at the exercising.

There's no longer a need for an endocrinologist. There's no finger pricking in my future.

Its definitely a life changing experience to realize how badly I treated my body. I don't know how many people are as lucky as I to turn their lives around like this.

Essentially all I did was:
- enjoy fresh vegetables and ingredients to make yummy dishes for myself and my friends.
- enjoy water and observe the side effects of sugary alcoholic drinks and wake up the next morning to a productive weekend instead of a hang over.
- explore the bay area bike and hiking trails with my camera.
- pack enough fruits and snacks and food so not have to cave into fast (disgusting) food.
- focus on how disgusting the layer of fat surrounding meat looked.
- try to get as much as endorphines as I could through sports and workout and bootcamp which is like getting high
- realized that most people also enjoy being healthy, active and eating good food.

It probably seems like common sense to some people but definitely to me it was all new and now it all makes sense.

Thanks for the support through all of it!!!

(Hamster dance is repeating in my head all day long)

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