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Saturday, August 22, 2009

From XL to M!!

There's a big reason I've stayed away from malls for years - only buying the basics and not really caring what I wear. My obesity dressed in any particular brand, colour, style would be just the same. Luckily I have my personality going for me.

As years passed and every time I went into a mall to pick up something XL or size 14 or trying to squeeze into size 12 it was very disheartening. I love my friends to death but going to the mall with friends to see them try on size 0 or 00 just didn't put shopping on my top 3 things to do. The good news is that it kept expenses low in the shopping, anything to do with physical appearance department. It also served as a good filter against superficial people :) The bad news is that to achieve balance and happiness, feeling good inside and out is very important.

Then I had a dilemma of losing weight where I started to not fit in my clothes. But the thought of buying intermediate clothes while not reaching my weight goals seems like a waste of money. So I held out as long as I could.

Wow what a surprise - I went to Yorkdale yesterday (with a personal shopper all the way from HK :) and I found myself trying on girlie tops and dresses in medium or 6-8! Holy crap. At first I'd bring in a larger size just because I thought was I being realistic. But nopes, it is true, I'm starting to gravitate back to my old frame in highschool. Now onwards to junior highschool size (and another shopping spree)

I'm grinning ear to ear at my trip to the east coast where I've met up with my closest friends and family who have seen me through my 27 years. The encouragement and support I'm getting makes me extremely happy.

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