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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Five-spice Scallop

The baby scallops we bought from Superstore were nothing to write about - previously frozen. But wow, following Jamie Oliver's (Happy Days with the Naked Chef)instructions on how to make Pan Searced Scallops was priceless.

Ideally you'd want a nice meaty large selection of scallops but we used baby ones. Season the scallops with salt, pepper and five-spice powder. Heat up a pan with some olive oil and fry for a few minutes. Add some green onion and cilantro and cook for another minute. Thats it!! So simple...sooo delicious. The green onion, cilantro and five-spice definitely makes this into a Vietnamese/Fusion dish which is ridiculously good. So good, that I am making it again this week!

On the side, blanch asparagus and leeks (preferably baby leeks!). Then also pan fry them with olive oil. We didn't get baby leeks and needed to cut the large leeks into round slices to make it edible.

Also as shown in this meal, we baked a fresh salmon (yes a whole salmon was only $5!!) but it was just the usual marinade of lemon, olive oil and green onion.

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