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Friday, June 19, 2009

A taste of my old life

This was the first week of tasting the bay area while catching up with old friends I might not see again in a long time. I'm not sure why everytime I reach I milestone I celebrate by gaining all the weight back.

This week was definitely a typical week in a past life of a year ago and makes me want to exercise and do a clense and never eat like this again :)

- Quizno Sammys Vegetarian Wrap for lunch.
- Chou Chou in the city.
The chef was super nice.

Awesome affordable french restaurant with FRIENDLY waiter and cook! Seriously, I've never been to a French restaurant without the French attitude and lack of service ;) They had a Pinot Noir called Moobuzz which was absolutely fabulous and I have yet to see it in stores. The french onion soup, escargo was sooo good. My main course was sole which was done perfectly. The others had lamb and beef and that was pretty good too. Oh and also we had an extra plate of the gruyere souffle to share (free because of an order screwup). The desserts were delicious: creme brule, a floating island (meringue), and a chocolate cake with gelato.

- Home made falafel for lunch.
- Athena Grill for a seafood kebab. I didn't realize there was an authentic awesome greek restaurant so close to my house.

- Amarin Thai for lunch - impressive extensive vegetarian menu. Got some rich curries and noodles.
- Chinese place in Cupertino plaza for dinner. Unfortunately I have no idea what the name is but its open late and had gigantic portions.

- Com Tam Dat Thanh in San Jose plus a special coffee shop for lunch. This is my favourite rice place in the world, damn their portions are so big. The coffee shop had really unhealthy avocado milkshakes and stalkers but I've heard so much I had to check it out once.
- Salad for dinner at home.

- Loving Hut for lunch. Awesome vegetarian seafood platter.
- Rumors for Korean food (rice cake, seafood pancake, fries, chicken wings) and Yogurt Soju. Tons of fun and totally unhealthy.

- Sushi Ran in Sausalito for dinner. A Michelin star restaurant wraps up the week :)

Now the order of the people I enjoyed these meals of the week:
Mike, Karena, Marvin, Derek, Gene, Tony, Joanna, Loc, May, All my coworkers, Karen, Jeff - I'm going to miss you dearly.

To all the new calories in my body at this time, I'm not going to miss you at all when you go :)

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