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Friday, June 28, 2013

How to live a good life

Unfortunately an old friend from University passed away in an accident this week. Thanh is one of the nicest guys I've ever met in my life - he was always positive and accepted you just the way you are. You could always count on him to have a big smile or make you laugh. I always thought he was a special and an anomaly - an unlimited source of positive energy and warm light and it's so unfortunate to hear of his sudden passing. Even when we'd lost touch after school ended, we resumed our BBM chats exactly where we left off. I can only hope that he was needed elsewhere urgently...that maybe he's served his purpose and graduated early to heaven.

I always felt that he was wise beyond his years. And I was right. There was this quote today at his visitation:

What a guy, Thanh and his family just provided the single most important parting gift, a special recipe to show me how to live a good fulfilling life.

You always have a choice in every situation, in every moment:
  • to live a life inspired by love or fear 
  • guided by faith & integrity or doubt & dishonesty
  • motivated by loved ones or self preservation or money or materialism
  • advance through knowledge & wisdom or hearsay & ignorance
  • have a positive or negative attitude. 
It's really amazing he always made an unwavering decision to live a good life. He really aced the life test with flying colours and finished early. I feel grateful to have seen someone personally living this recipe of life and it really is a beautiful thing to see the positive impact he's been as the glue for the KW Vietnamese community and world.

His untimely death has really pushed me to really truly accept how important it is to live and cherish every moment. You really can't tell what will happen tomorrow or next week or next year so focus on making the most of right now and stop fretting about the past and the future.

Thank you Thanh, may you rest in peace and best of luck in your next mission.

PS. Sigh, looking at our friendship on Facebook, you never missed a beat wishing me a happy birthday every year, supporting whatever cause I was passionate about. You'll be truly missed Thanh.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your friend, tutu :( So sad!