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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thu Step 1

So much is going on in life - I never learn how to deal with stress properly and resort back to my old habits of over eating, over drinking and getting back into old stupid habits.

So trying to make an entry in here, so that I can start again. I'm pretty inspired by those around me who's actively keeping fit, losing weight, being healthy and trying to regain that balance. So why not write about it.

A heavy cloud has lifted a little within a week. It really did break me last week but after the emotions passed, I took a deep breath and kept calm and carried on. I've learned that there's things in my control and things that aren't. So next time something stresses you out:

1. make a list of things that stress you out
2. put it in columns of "things i can control" and "things i can't control"
3. just completely cross out the things i can't control
4. prioritize and check off the things you can do.

As the wise words of UK Government, Keep Calm and Carry On.

Let's pick up the pieces and start moving forward, faster.

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