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Friday, March 5, 2010

2010 Journey

Alright, I spent the last four months essentially undoing all the steps I took last year to get healthy. Yes I know - I feel so guilty.

You can make mistakes once but once you see history exactly repeating itself its just no good. And I'm very disappointed in myself.

Now that the olympics are over and I'm over the heartbreak AND my startup has taken off, there's really no more excuses of mine on why I was doing every unhealthy thing in the book.

  • I'm now training for a mini Triathlon in August.

  • No smoking, no alcohol, nothing of any kind except water

  • No meats of any kind except fish

  • Eating out is reserved to once a week

  • Following a triathlon training plan and joining Running Room's free run

Oh and I'm going to have a weight loss competition with Lobster. We did this last March and I kicked his butt. I know I can do the same again.

Sorry to not update this blog and now telling you that I'm not in good shape right now. ThuFat is baack.


  1. Thufat,

    Congratulations for getting back to it! You will get there if you just persist persist and persist some more. You are already down 30-nothing to sneeze at. I like your plan and I am rooting for you!



  2. Yay! Welcome back, Thu! :) Looking forward to hearing stories about you kicking Lobster's butt again. (ps. who is lobster?) - Karen

  3. Thanks Ingrid!

    Karen, haha its my friend Rob in SF...he's super motivated to get abs this summer so I need to step up my game!