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Monday, November 9, 2009


It was bound to happen - a slippery slope to:
eating meat -> eating out -> eating more
drinking a glass of wine -> some beers -> shots -> mixing it all up
insecurity -> stress -> smoking
crappy weather -> not biking -> not running -> not working out

So I decided to take a step back and look at my year. Goals are only achievable when you put them as your priority. You've got to stay grounded when there's positive feedback but you haven't reached your goal yet. Getting cocky is the absolute wrong thing to do. Lowering your goal down in priority - well means that you won't get there as soon as you originally planned.

Having good health is a base for everything else in life. You can be more productive when feeling energetic. You save money by cooking and consuming the right calorie intake and know exactly what you put into your food. You build self confidence that you can set a goal and stick to it. You feel better about how good you feel inside and how hot you look on the outside. Your positive energy radiates and really affects everyone around you too. This doesn't go unnoticed in your personal and professional relationships.

The foundation of taking care of yourself really leads to understanding yourself better, being happy with yourself, which leads to a rewarding career, lots of money and lots of time to celebrate. So yes, ok, I understand now :)

I'll try again. To everyone reading this blog, thank you for the support in the past year. It helps that I'm being accountable to all of you and hearing me forget my priorities is really letting you down. It has really let me down too. Not all is lost though, I know I've got it in me to work as hard as possible to get to my goals. I've got years worth of thoughts and pictures to remind me how fat I really was and how immobile and unhappy and lost I really was. I've got photos and thoughts from the past year to see how things have turned around. It's not rocket science to figure out where I want to go from here.

I suppose that growing up is inevitable.

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